Client: christof industries GmbH

Image Film

The second film about “Zero Waste City” deals with the topic of realizing a city concept in great detail with the idea of “No Landfill Policy”. In the film, the different types of wastes are presented in a humorous way by means of stylized, sympathetic, and living garbage bags. The individual technologies for recycling the garbage are dealt with additionally in a concise manner. This ambitious project was planned by Christof Industries with the aim to create a completely waste-free city without landfills through various waste recycling technologies.

Length: ca. 3 Min.
Format: Full HD
Year: 2018

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After the look/style of the film had already been determined in the first project, it was an exciting challenge to add in the new elements desired by the customer, such as the want for the rubbish bags to be brought to life as well as the wealth of text information – all in an approximately three-minute film. The style of the first film had to be recognizable and continuous, and the information had to be as compact as possible yet still comprehensible – at least for the technically oriented target audience. The humorous approach was also not forgotten, which loosened up the otherwise rather dryly presented technical facts of the technology.

Our Tasks:

  • Research
  • Concept
  • Storyboard
  • Character Development
  • Text
  • Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Typography
  • Motion Graphics
  • Rendering
  • Compositing


Concept & Storyboard: Dagmar Gasperl, Simon Wendler

Direction: Simon Wendler

Production: signSTUDIOS

Text: Natalie Christof, Simon Wendler

Wording English: Daniela Ettl

technical advice: Alfred Friedacher

Character Development: Simon Wendler, Martin Ernst

Animation: Martin Ernst, Stefan Pausch

Motion Graphics & Compositing: Simon Wendler

Music Composing: Gerrit Wunder

Sfx & Mixing: Christofer Frank

Narrator: Simon (Premium Voices)

Rendering: in house