Client: vonree GmbH


Vonree GmbH is developing and renovating three of the oldest and most valuable town square houses in Styr under the name Höflich. A short film in two parts will deal with the uncompromising renovation of the magnificent buildings. This first film takes place before the renovation and, with a personal love story, approaches not only the special architecture but also the past of these beautiful buildings. We are allowed to realize the visual effects – time cracks into the past.

Length: 7 Min. 41 Sec.
Format: 4K / 25p
Year: 2021

Unsere Aufgaben:

  • Lookdesign
  • Particlesimulation
  • Tracking
  • Rotoscoping
  • Compositing
  • Rendering


Idea & Concept: Manuel Diepold, David Panhofer, Martina Sochor

Director: Martina Sochor

Camera: Manuel Diepold

Camera Assistent: David Panhofer

Recording Director: Vera Dittenberger

Sound Recording: Reinhard Zach

Sound Design: Mario Wienerroither

Editing: David Panhofer

Grading: Manuel Diepold

Mask: Uwe Wagner

Costume: Karin Waltenberger

Production Design: Thomas Achitz

Lookdesign Cracks: Stefan Pausch, Simon Wendler

Partikleanimation: Stefan Pausch

Compositing: Simon Wendler

Rendering: inhouse