Clients: diverse

Logo / Titleanimation

The videos on this page are a compilation of various works in the field of logo and / or title animation. The strong development towards moving images in various media, especially online social media channels and company websites, means that more and more companies need an animated logo and motion branding in order to present themselves in a modern and unique way. Title animations for film, TV or other media are also an important aspect in order to stand out with your project. From simple animation to complex visuals in 2D and 3D – we bring design and movement to your corporate design or movie titles.

Format: 4k / 1080p


Agencies/Clients: christof industries GmbH, dreiD Filmproduktion GmbH, EYYES GmbH, filmpark, fly oli, ge+ka Film ยท Mikula und Weitlaner OG, mediaart Filmproduktion e.U., Murexin GmbH, ORF, Ortner GmbH, Schoeller Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment AG, Science Vision Filmproduktion GmbH, SKYLAND Productions GmbH, The Speech, Wahrheit s/w Werbeagentur GmbH, WDW Film und Videoproduktion GmbH

Design & Animation Work: Simon Wendler, Stefan Pausch

Rendering: inhouse