Client: Großglockner Hochalpenstraßen AG


Within six Years the Großglockner High Alpine Road was planned by Franz Wallack and today it is one of the most visited tourist attractions. Alongside its impressive route, Austria’s highest mountain pass road offers countless attractions for mind, body and food lovers. Let us take you to a past era in which the power of a man’s vision occupied countless people and continues up to this day. Visit the Grossglockner High Alpine Road with us and see how it might have happened back then.

Length: 3 Min. 17 Sec.
Format: 4K
Year: 2022

The film was planned for two main purposes:

It’s part of the exhibition “construction of the road” at the alpine road location and it will be used for online marketing purposes of the client.
The film itself should show the main constructor of the road “Franz Wallack” as well as giving an overview of the attractions along the road.

Unsere Aufgaben:

  • Project Organization
  • Research
  • Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Development
  • 3D Modelling
  • Painting / Illustration
  • UV Mapping
  • Texturing
  • Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Typography
  • Rendering


Production: signSTUDIOS

Idea: Markus Meirhofer

Project Management: Andreas Zangl

Direction: Simon Wendler

Script & Text: Simon Wendler

Design & Animation: Stefan Pausch, Simon Wendler

Rendering: Stefan Pausch (inhouse)

Scientific Advice: Sibylle Kampl

Narrator: Michael Menzel

Music Composition: Pablo Anson

“Give her all your lovin” – Music Track: The Commandeers

Sound Design & Mixing: Lukas Benedicic

Editing: Simon Wendler

Assistance: Dagmar Wendler

Music Editing: Sara Dolado

Translation: Daniela Ettl

Archival Footage: Filmarchiv Austria, Österreichisches Filmmuseum, Grohag