Client: Ultimate Europe – Transportation Equipment GmbH

Image Film

In cooperation with mediaart Filmproduktion, this four-minute image film of the division Interiors for the company Ultimate is created.
We were responsible for the entire production including editing, 3D animation, compositing, design and sound. Real recordings were produced by the company mediaart.

Length: ca. 4 Min.
Format: Full-HD
Year: 2015

The challenges in this project were very diverse.

The train design data provided by the customer was extremely detailed, down to the smallest screw. Therefore, they had to be prepared and optimized so that they function smoothly for the animation.

Real film shots were filmed in consultation with us, with a drone and Steadycam. The goal was the seamless integration of an arriving train as well as various motion graphics into the real shots.

A further difficulty was the implementation of the idea of depicting the train in a constantly moving state. We had to build an extremely large and detailed 3D landscape, including 3D trees, houses and other details. Due to the high render times, the calculation was divided into several passes.

Our Tasks:

  • 3D Modelling
  • Texturing
  • Shading/Lighting
  • Animation
  • Rendering
  • Visual Effects
  • Tracking
  • Keying
  • Compositing


Concept: Ultimate, Günter Pachschwöll, Simon Wendler

Production: signSTUDIOS, mediaart

Production (Live Action Footage): Günter Pachschwöll – mediaart

Design: Simon Wendler

3D Animation: Andreas Tekautz, Simon Wendler

Rendering: in-house signSTUDIOS