Client: Windhager Zentralheizung Technik GmbH


The architects Area and Zangl/Meirhofer developed a modern 3,000 square meter building complex in which various themed worlds were staged for the WOW – World of Windhager exhibition. We were allowed to illustrate the founding history of Anton Windhager – historically (in)correct – in the style of Wilhelm Busch. Special about the illustrations is, that they are prepared to be printed in such a way that they can be mechanically animated and staged as real sculptures in the exhibition.


Format: Print
Year: 2022

Unsere Aufgaben:

  • Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Sketches
  • Illustration


Idea & Concept: Andreas Zangl, Stephan Macala

Illustrations: Simon Wendler

Mechanic: Stephan Macala