Client: City of Salzburg / Schlossverwaltung Hellbrunn


On behalf of the city of Salzburg, we designed a total of seven illustrations and collages in the style of the 18th century architect and draughtsman Franz Anton Danreiter, who lived in Salzburg. In a humorous way existing pictures were changed, and new elements and figures were added, but also completely new pictures were illustrated in the style of the templates. The works can be viewed at Hellbrunn Palace in Salzburg. 

The original engravings were kindly provided by the Archabbey of St. Peter.

Format: Print
Year: 2018


Idea: Sibylle Kampl, Andreas Zangl

Concept: Andreas Zangl, Simon Wendler

Illustration: Simon Wendler

Originals: Franz Anton Danreiter, bereitgestellt durch Erzabtei St. Peter